Thanksgiving should get a bigger spot on the calendar.  It almost gets lost between candy and costumes and the crazy shopping frenzy that has become Christmas.  Lately I’ve been extra aware of all that I have to be thankful for, so I figure this is the best time of all to share.

My Husband: Strong, loving, caring, sacrificial, funny…and not afraid of the grocery store, a mop, the mall or a girlie movie… Though he is beginning to love it here, a SoCal boy at heart moved to Northern California for me.  I love him.

My Mom & Dad: It is so much fun getting to hang out whenever we want!  Saying that they spoil us is an understatement…I wouldn’t know how to ever repay them, but I am so thankful for all they do.

Best Friends: I am SO thankful to now live 7 minutes from our very best friends…Even our dogs love each other!  Anything is more fun when you do it with people that really know you, and love you anyway.

May: I once believed that people who treated and spoke of their animals like they were their children were crazy…well maybe we are, but I don’t care.  I LOVE my dog!  She is a playmate and a cuddler, she is smart AND funny, and she knows exactly how to cheer me up on a bad day.  I could care less that most of my furniture will never be the same…she’s worth it.  (and she was adopted from the pound…I highly recommend it)

Church at Petaluma: A church plant filled with an awesome group of people.  We were blessed to be welcomed into this little body of believers since the first Sunday we were in Santa Rosa.  

My Job: I am working my “Someday I want to be a ______” job as the Special Events Coordinator for the hospital here.  I work in an office full of smart, hardworking, encouraging people, and that makes such a difference.  Working hard is fun and even more rewarding when you love what you do and it’s for a cause you believe in.  I am blessed.

Santa Rosa: My new home.  The weather, the seasons (fall actually separates summer and winter here), the vineyards and wineries, the restaurants (oh my, SO many yummy, original, non-chain places to eat…I am becoming spoiled to good food),  that there are so many fun little towns to explore 20 minutes in any direction, the list goes on.  An upcoming post may be “why you should move to Santa Rosa,” because I think you should.

And Also: Warm drinks on cold days (especially from Starbucks…somehow it’s just more fun), the Holidays, health (just getting over a cold and very aware of how healthy I usually am), and our super cozy bed.


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I have to start somewhere

So, I’ve been intending to start a blog for some time.  I guess I haven’t written anything until now because I feel like my life is less than glamorous, and I’m not sure how inspiring or exciting my thoughts on paper (screen) will be.  But, I love my life and am thankful for every little piece of it, so here it goes.

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